Removing her glasses and dropping them onto the desk, she rubbed her eyes and stretched.  Documents saved and computer powered off, she stood and moved into the bathroom for a quick, refreshing shower.

Fifteen minutes later, she was toweled dry, lotioned and taking the cover off a large box in her bedroom. She smiled at the sight of the gleaming black boots that easily reached her thighs. Removing one, she stroked the soft surface then sat and placed her foot into the boot, pushing it all the way to the front. She leaned down and gathered the two sides, slowly pulling up on the zipper. Finally, she buckled the two clasps around her thigh. She repeated the steps with the other boot like a well-practiced ritual.

She crossed to her dresser and opened a drawer, extracting some black satin panties. From another, she took a black leather and lace corset. As she laid these items on her bed, she thought about the evening to come. A sense of power and control surrounded her, playing across her skin.

She slipped into the panties, loving the smooth satin against her skin. She was aware of the delicious openness between her legs. Straightening out the corset on the bed, she fixed the ties then bound herself into it, inhaling the sweet scent of the leather.

Taking the low seat at her vanity, she carefully piled and pinned up her hair so that it would look tousled. She selected a pair of steel bracelets for her wrists and anointed herself with a sweet oil of Tuscan cypress. Standing and moving to the closet, she finished her look with a sheer black skirt.

A dark wooden chest sat at the foot of her bed, and she lifted the lid to carefully inspect the tools and toys that waited inside. She gave the crop a playful flick, then set it down and removed the thick red flogger. Running the fall over the palm of her hand, she gave herself a moment to think of the pleasure she would be giving and receiving. The doorbell brought her out of her reverie, and she closed the chest and smiled.

She walked slowly to the door and opened it to find him standing there, a fresh bouquet of spring flowers in his hand. She bade him enter and they stood in the sitting room smiling and looking deeply at each other for several moments.

“For you,” he said.

She took the flower, inhaled the nectar, and set them aside carefully.

“Thank you, my sweet. Kneel now.”

He dropped obediently to the floor and she reached for a collar and lead that were on the coffee table. Turning back to him, she brushed some strands of hair away from his forehead and leaned forward to place a kiss there, marking him as her own. She placed the collar around his neck, fastening it securely, and attached the metal lead. Holding it loosely, she made her way to her chair and he followed at a crawl.

Once seated with him at her feet, she asked him how his day had been and listened as he responded. They shared other bits of news about friends and neighborhood happenings and she watched as he relaxed and settled himself into his role. After a while, they grew quiet.

“So, my own, what would please you tonight?” she asked quietly.

He reflected on the question for a minute or two, then answered, “A lesson of your choosing, Mistress.”

“A lesson? Like a school lesson?” she asked, smiling. “You’d like me to teach you something?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She mulled over this idea, then nodded her head.

“Very well. Take my desk chair and wheel it into the bedroom. Then find your restraints in the chest and await me.”

She signaled with her finger and he rose and obeyed. She closed her eyes and meditated upon the content of her lesson, hearing the chair rolling along the hardwood floor and the sounds of him rummaging in the trunk. She kept her eyes close, seeing the scene come together in her mind. When it finally grew quiet, she opened them, rose from her chair and strode into the bedroom.

He was kneeling next to the chair and the restraints were waiting on the seat.  She glanced at him and then at them and then spoke.


He quickly got to his feet and stood with his hands crossed in front of him. She lifted the lid of the trunk and removed her crop, holding it by her side.

“I understand, young man, that you are in need of a lesson.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said nervously.

“Your previous lessons have been at the beginner level and you have done very well with them; I think perhaps it is time to move you on to something more challenging and vigorous.”

“Yes, Ma’am, if you think so,” he replied, casting his eyes downward. A delightful shiver ran through her body.

“Come closer to me,” she commanded, beckoning with the crop. He obeyed immediately. She seated herself in her chair and watched him.

“Take off your shirt.”

She could see him struggling to keep control of his fingers as he undid the buttons at the front and cuffs. A slight veil of perspiration showed on his upper lip as he slipped free of the garment.

She used the crop to flick at his nipples several times, then let it drift down over his stomach to his belt.

“Now the pants.”

She knew there was movement inside his shorts and had to work to maintain her serious expression. He hardly noticed as he worked at the belt and then the zipper to get out of the pants. Once free of them, he put them to the side with his shirt and gave a quick glance at her.

She regarded him in his boxers and socks, then took the end of the crop and used it to lower one side of the underwear at a time, revealing his buttocks.

“Bend over, young man.”

Without a word, he bent forward.

She slapped him lightly with the crop several times then gave him a few more vigorous strokes.  She saw the lovely pink outlines of her work.

“Walk over to the trunk now and slip your hands into the side holds so that your are bent over again.”

He rose slowly and she took the opportunity to scold him.

“Faster, young man! I’m waiting!”

He reacted as if she’d struck him again, but quickly got into position for her. She rose and moved up behind him, pushed the boxers to the ground and had him step out of them, and checked his hand holds.

“Discipline, young man—that is a lesson you should learn,” she told him sternly.

She stood to the side and began to lightly spank him with her hand all over his bottom. It wasn’t long before he was rosy pink. She stepped back for a moment to catch her breath then began to spank him harder. He was panting a bit and she heard a soft moan as her intensity increased.

“You have something to say, young man?” she asked.

“Oh, Ma’am,” he murmured.

“Indeed,” she said, and delivered five hard smacks to his already-stinging ass. She could feel him quivering.

“Stand up now,” she commanded. She watched him carefully in case he needed assistance, but he was able to stand on his own. She picked up the lead and took him to the side of the bed where the restraints were waiting. She picked them up, instructing him to sit. She placed a leather cuff around each wrist and ankle, securing the buckles. As she worked on his ankle cuffs, she ran her hands up the length of his legs and felt his muscles tighten slightly in reaction. Looking up, she could see the desire and anticipation in his eyes.

“On your stomach on the bed now,” she said.

When he was settled, she brought out the straps that were attached to the bed and threaded them through the rings on his cuffs to hold him securely. She leaned over and spoke into his ear.

“I know you are surprised by your lesson and I know you wish to endure my attentions and please me. Shall I continue now?”

He nodded and whispered, “Please.”

She smiled and picked up the heavy flogger. She started with leisurely blows to his back, swinging the flogger easily back and forth. After checking to make sure he was alright, she picked up the intensity a bit and heard his moans—a sound that very nearly made her fly.

She stopped for a moment and let his endorphins kick in. She could hear him making sounds of pleasure then and she knew she could start again. She ran her hand over his bottom gently and felt him pushing up against it.

“More?” she asked. “You want more?”

“Yessssss,” he responded.

She let the fall of the flogger dangle between his legs, stroking him softly. He moaned loudly, and she quickly began to deal blows to his ass. Again and again, she let the flogger fly, back and forth. She could see the light bruises beginning to appear and he was moaning constantly now.

She stopped the motion of the flogger and leaned over to kiss the bruises she had inflicted upon him. Then she reached for the crop and held it against the area right below his cheeks.

“Who is your teacher, young man?” she asked.

“You…you are,” he said with a shaky voice.

She lifted the crop and brought it down hard against his skin as she asked, “And who owns you?”

He cried out, but she heard his answer.

“You, Mistress—only you.”

“That’s right, my own. Would you like more?”

“Whatever you wish, Mistress, as long as you are pleased.”

She smiled and thought of how she was going to spend the next hour touching him everywhere.

That would teach him a lesson.

~ by skyeinmoonlight on January 24, 2012.

8 Responses to “Lesson”

  1. You paint quite a picture! I enjoyed several of your stories, but this one the most.
    -DrJoe V.

  2. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it; it’s one of my favorites too!

  3. The story is very hot! Need i say that.

  4. Your mad skills and erotic wisdom are only part of what is still loved about you Miss Sky, even to this day. Yours still, Janson. 😉

  5. So powerful. Great writing.

  6. We spoke earlier on Lit Chat. I must say you are an incredibly talented writer. This is one of my particular favourites. Do keep it up!

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