The Switch

Episode One

“Finish your champagne,” he said, motioning at her glass with his hand.

She laughed and dutifully downed the last inch of the bubbly golden nectar.

“Your wish is my command,” she chuckled, holding up the empty flute. “Now what?”

He leaned toward her, taking the glass with one hand and extending the other to help her rise from the couch. When she was standing, he slipped his arm around her waist and drew her close.

“Now what? How about this?” He pulled her to him forcefully and kissed her mouth as if he meant to own it.

In response, her tongue eagerly met his, teasing and urging him on. He caught her lower lip in his teeth for a brief moment before letting her go.

“Stay right there where I can see you.”

Obediently, she stood and watched him move into the kitchen where he rinsed both glasses and set them on a towel to dry. He walked back into the living room, approaching her slowly, desire softening his expression. Reaching her, he took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom.

They stood at the foot of his big bed, the site of so many hours of shared pleasure. He swayed gently against her body, running his hand up her back, caressing her neck, before letting his fingers catch in her fiery red hair. Pulling her head back, he grazed the center of her neck with his lips.

She quivered and moaned, gasping as a shot of arousal ran straight down her body. Her nipples hardened and she knew she was already wet—all from this slight touch.

He pulled back, smiling broadly. “You really like that, don’t you?”

“You know I do, you beast,” she said, grinning at him. She could not help but note the presence of a telltale bulge in his shorts that gave away his own level of excitement.

“Beast, is it? Let’s see exactly how beastly I can be then,” he growled, gathering her close again.

She placed her hand on his chest, stilling him.

“I thought that perhaps I might take the lead first tonight,” she murmured. Running a finger down the center of his body, she played along the waistband of his shorts. She heard his breath catch in his throat at her words and touch.

“Oh?” he asked, trying to maintain a bit of nonchalance.

“Yes. You wouldn’t mind that, would you…sweet boy?” she whispered into his ear. She let him think it over, her tongue flicking along his lobe.

He shuddered. She smiled, knowing she had him where she wanted him.

“No,” he answered quietly. “That would be fine….”

“That would be fine, Mistress,” she instructed.

A small moan escaped his lips, and he repeated her words exactly.

“That’s my good boy,” she cooed. “I’m going to make you feel so good tonight.”

His cheeks flushed and his eyes lowered as she spoke, and this told her he was ready to relinquish his control.

She took his hand and sat on the end of the bed, bringing him to a position right in front of her.

“The first thing I’d like is to see you out of your clothing, so go ahead and undress for me.”

Episode Two

He looked at her as she sat there, and slowly raised the hem of his shirt to give her the show she desired. He lifted it over his head and let it drop to the floor.

She smiled, resisting the urge to get up and touch him; that would come soon enough. As she watched him undo his belt, unbutton the waistband of his shorts, and lower the zipper she admired his body. Fit without being overtly muscular, she loved the contrast between his supple skin and his strength—and it drove her crazy when he demonstrated his ability to physically control her.

He looked at her once his fly lay open and her brief nod gave him permission to continue. He slid the shorts down his legs and stepped out carefully, kicking them to the side. He stood in just his boxer briefs now, waiting.

“No need to go any further for the moment,” she told him, standing and moving closer. “Why don’t you climb up onto the bed and wait for me?”

He leaned in to make contact with her body and she stepped back, knowing how he craved touch.

“Onto the bed…don’t dawdle.”

He obeyed, settling himself in the middle of the comforter, his eyes never leaving her. As he watched, she unbuttoned her red silk blouse and let it fall from her shoulders like water. She peeled the tight black jeans from her ample frame, clad now in a black polka-dotted bra and panty set. He purred his approval.

Climbing onto the bed next to him, she touched his face, his hair, his chest—little caresses mingled with light scratches from her nails and long, luxurious strokes of her hand. She heard his breath quicken and moved in to tease his lips, backing off as he tried to engage her more deeply. In her own time, she took his mouth with her own, letting him know that she was in control of his body and soul. His response was one of hunger and longing and passion—and it fanned the flames of her Dominance over him.

She pushed him down onto the bed, wrapping herself around him. Her hands slid and squeezed and stroked and grabbed him, and her seemingly random touches kept him guessing about what was coming next. When she finally slid her hand over the front of his briefs, he gasped loudly and shivered. Her hand held him until he quieted.

“You like that, don’t you? In fact, you need it—you need to feel my power over you. You need to let it all go, to have it all taken from you. That’s what I’m going to do to you tonight.”

“Oh god, yes…anything you want, Mistress,” he whispered.

Smiling, she casually moved her hand up to the waistband of his briefs before plunging it in and down to take hold of his hard cock.

“So hard for me already,” she commented. “That’s good…and bad. I want you hard as long as possible, so it’s going to be a long time before I let you come.”

He whimpered, but kept his response simple.

“I’m ready, Mistress.”

Episode Three

“Take off those briefs and go sit at the bottom of the bed for me,” she told him.

He moved quickly down the mattress, not daring to look back once he got to the edge. His ears were trained on any sound behind him, so he heard her slip off the side of the bed and pad softly to where he waited.

“Get the collar from my bag.”

He walked to her large duffel bag, found the leather and metal collar, and brought it back to her. She fastened it around his neck, tugged the ring to bring him close, and kissed him deeply.

“Now it’s time for you to be over my knee,” she said.

“Are you going to punish me, Mistress?”

“You haven’t done anything to warrant punishment, my boy, but I do want to be sure that you know who is in charge. Let’s consider it a reminder.”

He nodded and waited for her to sit and make herself comfortable before placing himself across her lap. He felt her reach across his back and hold him securely in place with one hand, while the other rubbed his naked ass. His body relaxed and reveled in her touch.

In the next moment, her hand left his skin then returned with a series of short slaps. His head came up, more from surprise than anything else, and he moaned quietly. She distributed her smacking evenly over the surface of his fleshy cheeks until he felt the warmth grow.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Oh, I’m not done yet, my love.”

She caressed him for a few moments before raising her hand and bringing it down again, this time in a shower of sharp, hard strikes. His eyes began to water a bit and the warmth of his skin became more of a burn.

“Ohhhh,” he exhaled.

“Yes, that’s what I like to hear. It tells me I’m making an impression on you.”

She rubbed again, soothing the burning she had created.

“You’re going to do what I tell you, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” She brought her hand down, smacking him hard enough to make the tears flow.

“You’ll be my good, obedient boy?”

“Yes…yes, Mistress.” Another stinging blow.

“And I will be pleased with your service?”

He nodded his head vigorously as he found his words.

“I won’t rest until you are, Mistress.” He braced himself as her hand landed and set him on fire.

“Very good answer, my boy. You may sit on the floor at my feet and massage them.”

He slipped from her lap and lowered himself onto the carpet, knowing it would hurt. He pressed his lips together hard and took her right foot into his hands, focusing his attention on pleasing her in every way.

She looked down upon him as he began to use his thumbs and fingers to knead the sole of her foot. He was silent and attentive—and that was exactly what she wanted. She would take him much deeper before they were done.

Episode Four

He kneaded her feet with care, wanting to please her completely. Raising her foot toward his mouth, he looked up at her inquiringly. At her nod, he began to gently lick and suck on one delicate toe and the sound of her pleasure told him he was on the right track. He moved from one to the next, losing himself in his task. The touch of her foot against his cock shook him back to attention.

She used the instep of her foot to stroke the length of his cock, bringing him to a state of hardness again. She noticed that he was done with her other foot, so she switched and allowed him to continue with her left foot. She tickled at his balls with her toes and smiled as he struggled to maintain his attention on the massage. After a few more strokes, she drew her foot back.

He had just begun to wrap his tongue around her smallest toe when she spoke.

“Rise and stand here in front of me,” she commanded.

Wordlessly, he rose and waited.

“Take one step closer and widen your stance.”

The adjustments made, he tried to keep the twitching of his cock at bay and his mind off the images that were swirling in his head.

“You did a lovely job with my foot massage,” she said, taking a bottle of lube from her bag.

“Thank you, Mistress. I’m so happy you enjoyed it,” he said, watching her invert and squeeze some of the bottle’s contents into her palm.

“I did, and I know I’m going to continue to enjoy you this evening.” Her slick hand wrapped purposefully around his cock and began its slow course upward to the tip and then downward to the base. He stood quietly, biting his lower lip, as she repeated the action again and again.

“I do enjoy it when you demonstrate self-control,” she told him, her eyes fixed on his. “Are you enjoying this, my boy?”

He took a deep breath before attempting to speak, hoping his voice would not quiver.

“Oh, yes, Mistress…very much.” That hadn’t been too bad.

She stroked him harder and a bit faster and asked, “And what about now?”

He opened his mouth, but only a moan escaped, as he struggled to stay on his feet.

“Yes, that’s what I thought,” she said, smiling. She slowed her hand to its previous pace and he gave silent thanks. It was torture to be aroused like this again and again—but it was sweet torture, and the last thing he wanted was to end it by slipping over the edge before she gave permission.

He noticed that her hand slowed even further, barely grazing his skin now. Still, a fine stream of fluid had begun to run down the underside of his stiff cock—he could feel it as her fingers spread it around.

Sensing that she might be ready for something else, he pushed other thoughts aside so that he would be ready to obey.

Episode Five

“Leaking for me…I love that,” she murmured as she moved her hand down to his balls. Her fingertips grazed his sensitive skin and her hand closed around him. Gentle caressing and squeezing followed, and all he could do was stand before her with his legs spread. He could feel the drops of fluid spilling down his hard shaft.

“Hmm, what if I do this?”

She released his full sac and deftly moved her fingers behind it, sliding them into the crevice there. The lube she had applied made them slide freely and he felt her finger circling his opening.

“Oh, Mistress, please,” he said, his voice quivering.


He nodded.

“You’re going to have to do better than that, my boy.”

“Please,” he began again, “use your fingers on me, Mistress.”

She shook her head.

“Better than that.”

He swallowed hard, knowing she was fucking with his head as well as his body. He found it so hard to ask for what he wanted sometimes—and maybe that was why the Dominant role was always more comfortable for him. In that role, he could simply take what he wanted. That wouldn’t work now, though.

He took a deep breath and spoke.

“Please, Mistress, use my ass…fuck me with your fingers…I need you.”

His body was shaking and he longed to reach out and touch her, to let her feel his vulnerability. He kept his place, though, and waited for her response.

She stood, smiling, and moved behind him. Her arm encircled him, her hand resting over his racing heart, her cheek against his back.

“Fuck you with my fingers, boy? Just my fingers?”

“It’s not for me to say, Mistress. Any way you want. I am here for your pleasure.”

He could feel her breath on his skin as her hand moved from his chest up to his shoulder and around to the back of his head. Her fingers twisted into his hair and she bent him over the edge of the bed.

“Don’t move.”

He knew she was going to the corner of the room where the toys were waiting on a shelf inside the chifferobe. He heard the sounds of things being moved around and the soft padding of her feet as she returned to him.

“First, we need this,” she said, slipping a blindfold over his eyes. “Then, this.”

She encircled his wrists with the restraint cuffs attached to the bed, and tugged the straps that raised his arms toward the head of the bed, securing him.

“Now we’re ready,” she announced.

He heard her, but it was as if she was speaking through a wad of cotton. His body was floating and drifting; everything seemed to be happening slowly. He knew this place, this space he so rarely visited, the core of his submission. He would not raise objections, nor ask questions now. She owned him completely.

As she opened the bottle of lubricant, she could sense a deep quiet settling over him. She walked to the side of the bed, looking at his face—eyes closed, mouth opened slightly, muscles relaxed. She leaned in next to his ear.

“All is well?”

He nodded.

“I’ve got you, my lovely boy. Enjoy the ride.”

Returning to the bottom of the bed, she pushed his legs apart and stood between them. Squirting the lube onto her fingers, she ran them up and down the crevice of his ass, spreading it around. He quivered and gasped, then settled down again.


Episode Six

She picked a glove up from the bed and slid it onto her left hand, being sure to let it snap so he would hear it. She swore she heard him whimper softly then.

Applying more lube to the glove, she let her fingers sweep up and down several more times before letting the middle one come to rest over his tight, dimpled opening. With gentle but steady pressure she let her fingertip move in a small circular motion, coaxing him to relax.

This was not a new experience for him; they had played this way many times and she knew how much he enjoyed it. He knew what to do to maximize his pleasure, and she felt him breathing and relaxing his muscles in order to admit her probing finger. It wasn’t long before she was able to add her index finger and begin some slow and easy pumping.

His breathing changed, and it was like the movements of a symphony to her. Her fingers created a soft, slow introduction before moving into the quicker, more rhythmic patterns. His body reacted as she played him and she watched with delight. At first, he was still and quiet, stretching just a bit. As she continued to pleasure him, he began to rise up from the bed, presenting his ass to her, responding to her movements. He spoke softly, but there was fierceness in his voice.

“Oh Mistress, yes…I love to feel you like this, inside of me,” he exhaled. “I…I need you so much…need to be yours…to be owned by you…mmmmm.”

“I know you do, my sweet. I’ve got something else for you now, so that you’ll know that you are mine completely.”

His breath came in ragged shudders as she worked her fingers in and out of him, and he whined as he felt them withdraw. In the next moment, however, his whining became moans of ecstasy as she pressed her strap-on deep inside him.

“Now, my own, I’m going to give you exactly what you need,” she purred, pushing with her hips.


“Please what, my sweet?”

“Oh, god…fuck me like your slut,” he cried out.

“Mmm, yes, that’s exactly what I have planned. I want you to do as I tell you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he moaned, writhing in front of her.

She smiled, feeling a deep sense of well-being and control that touched her core.

“I want you to carefully roll onto your back now.”

He whimpered a bit, but began to maneuver himself into the requested position, keeping the dildo inside of him with her assistance. They moved like it was a familiar dance.

“Good boy. Relax now for a moment.”

She took hold of his hips and dragged him toward the bottom of the bed then lifted his legs, resting them on her broad shoulders. Satisfied, she reached up and removed his blindfold.

“Eyes on me, boy.”

He opened his eyes and locked them on hers.

Gazing down upon him, she began to work the dildo in and out of him. His body was quivering, and she turned her face to the right to plant kisses along the inside of his calf.

“Such a good boy for me,” she murmured. “And such a needy slut.”

His back arched at her words and she could feel him moving back against her harness.

“Yes, Mistress…so needy.”

She picked up the pace a bit, pressing deeper, letting him feel her control as well as her urgency. Moving her hand between his legs, she squeezed his balls and ran her nails over the skin. He stiffened and growled, and that drove her wild.

Building to a feverish pace, she reached out and wrapped a hand around his cock, now stroking and pounding him at the same time. She could feel his legs shaking against her and her heart was pounding in her chest. They were teetering on the brink together.

“I think perhaps I’ll slow down for a bit,” she informed him.

“No! Mistress, please, I can’t…I beg you, fuck me as hard as you wish, but don’t stop!”

That tripped the final breaker in her head, and she grabbed his legs and fucked him with total abandon, her whole body engaged. Her hand flew up and down his throbbing shaft and the movement of her hips was like a raging tide. He screamed and moaned and submitted to her every whim while she roared and conquered him.

“Mistress! I…”

“Give it to me, boy…I want all of you,” she demanded.

With that, every wall fell and the waves rushed in, rolling over both of them. His pleasure exploded, covering her hand like a fountain. His cries echoed off the walls and lingered in her ears, even as she slowed her motions. The sound and sight of him sent a bolt to her brain, and the aftershocks rippled through her body and took away her ability to think.

When her eyes cleared, they were both still and silent. She stirred herself, whispering reassurances and endearments to him as she slowly withdrew her toy. He moaned, and she quickly moved to free him from the restraints that held him, rubbing his hands and lowering his arms to his sides. Grabbing a blanket from the chair, she covered him and slid onto the bed next to him, encircling him with her arm.

“So good, my neshama. So pleasing. Breathe. I am with you.”

He moved his head to rest on her breast, his breathing becoming more regular and quiet. His eyes were closed, and she stroked his cheeks and forehead with one finger, soothing him. The minutes passed, but they were not counting.

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