Best Shot Ever

A sharp knock at the door interrupted Shannon’s preparations for the evening. Leaving the bedroom and hurrying to the entryway, she opened the door to find the building’s doorman waiting.

“Joseph, hello,” she said, smiling.

“Good evening, Ma’am. This package just arrived for you, so I thought I’d bring it right up.” He chuckled. “Maybe it’s a gift from an admirer.”

Shannon smiled again.

“Maybe so! Thank you, Joseph.”

“Any time, Ma’am. You have a good evening now.”

She closed the door and took the package into the bedroom. Pulling off the white bow and unsealing the tape at one end, she freed the box from its wrappings. Shannon lifted the cover of the box and found a delicately filigreed silver heart suspended from a length of fine black velvet rope. She lifted it from the box and fastened it around her neck then moved to the mirror. It was perfect…and so was its sender.

She picked up her makeup brush and added a little highlighting to her face then finished by adding some deep red lipstick. A quick puff of perfume and she was ready. As she set the bottle down, there was another knock at her door.

Checking the mirror one last time, she said, “Okay, Cupid, just one well-placed arrow….”


Shannon had met Julian a few months back at a meeting on mentorship in the BDSM community. They’d been introduced by her friend, Max, and had really hit it off right away. Julian had all the qualities she appreciated in a man: he was smart, funny, passionate about his interests, and expressive. That he was also submissive was icing on the cake.

She’d run into him again at Max’s monthly pleasure salon and they had found themselves in a secluded corner talking, teasing and laughing. He could hold up his end of a conversation, toss out lines that allowed her to tease him readily, and never step over the boundaries set by his role. He was very attractive, indeed.

The two had exchanged phone numbers and emails, and the flirting and teasing had continued mercilessly. Soon, the exchanges became playfully kinky and erotic, and it didn’t take long for Shannon to know that she wanted more.

The opportunity presented itself a few weeks later at a charity event. A well-equipped dungeon festooned with snowflakes and icicles announced the wintry theme and the attendees had eschewed the usual black clothing in favor of white and silver and crystal blue. Shannon was clad in a sparkling silver skirt and a white latex corset, and the outfit made her blue eyes twinkle. As she crossed the large expanse, she spotted Julian with a group gathered under a banner that read, “Charity Spankables.” She grinned and moved toward it.

“Julian, how nice to see you,” she said, coming up behind him.

He turned quickly and she could see the pink glow rise in his cheeks as his eyes met hers.

“Miss Shannon! What a pleasure to see you here, Ma’am,” he murmured.

“Tell me about what you’re doing for the charity event this evening,” she said, smiling warmly.

His cheeks became bright red as he explained that he had volunteered to be available for spanking based on the amount of the donation given.

“That’s incredibly philanthropic of you, Julian,” Shannon said with a grin. “In fact, it’s motivated me to be charitable!”

His eyes grew wide as he caught her meaning, but no words came to his lips.

“I’ll make my contribution and see you a little later,” she said, leaving him standing there to contemplate his fate.

The party geared up and it wasn’t long before it was in full swing. Shannon greeted and mingled and danced and was really enjoying the evening. After a trip to the bar for a glass of wine, she decided it was time to get down to business. True to her word, she dropped a check for a substantial amount at the donation table and confirmed her desire to spank Julian as her thank you gift. She was given a small voucher and told it could be used at her leisure.

Making her way slowly toward the spanking area, Shannon spied Julian talking to a few of the other volunteers. He was dressed in a silver tank top and black dress pants, and he was laughing and grinning at whatever was being said. Just seeing him like this made her smile. She kept her eyes on him and as she got closer, he turned and looked her way. She saw his expression change subtly before he found his public smile. In that one moment, he had looked a bit afraid.

“Miss Shannon, a pleasure to see you again,” he said, smiling. “Are you enjoying the festivities?”

“Oh, heavens, yes,” she replied. “In fact, I’m about to enjoy them even more.”

“Oh? You have something special planned?” he asked, trying not to let his voice betray his nerves.

She slowly held up the voucher and she could hear him draw in his breath quickly.

“This way, Miss,” he said, recovering his composure.

He led her into an area surrounded by translucent curtains and appointed with settees and small tables and spanking equipment of various kinds. He looked at her and then cast his eyes downward as she took in the view. She brought her gaze full circle and let her eyes fall upon him.

“Why don’t we sit for a moment?” she said, moving toward a pair of nearby chairs.

He followed a step behind and remained standing while she took a seat.

“Please,” she said, indicating the other chair. He sat and kept his eyes down.

“Although I made the donation and asked to spank you specifically, I certainly don’t want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable or interfere with us being friends. Would you prefer if I did not spank you in exchange for my donation?”

“Oh no, Miss,” Julian said quickly. “I volunteered to be spanked, so you are entirely within your rights to request me.” He paused for a moment, then added, “Aside from that, I…like the idea quite a lot.”

Shannon smiled and rose from her chair and extended her hand to him. He took it and rose, and she led him to a spanking bench in the far corner. He stood next to it, waiting for her direction.

She moved close to him and reached out to stroke his face with one finger, and she felt him shiver. Letting her hand drift down the front of his tank top, she reached his belt and undid it smoothly. Soon, it hung loose at his waist and she was undoing the buttons on his trousers.

Julian stepped out of his pants, leaving him in only a pair of black designer briefs.  He moved as directed when Shannon turned him towards the bench and climbed onto it so that his body was supported on the upper level and his thighs were perpendicular to it. He felt her hand stroke his back and move down onto his buttocks, making small circular motions.

“Ready?” she asked, leaning close to his ear.

“Yes, Miss.” He quivered with anticipation.

Shannon stood behind him and eased down his briefs, letting the tension of the moment build. She caressed him, moving her hand across each side of his ass. Then she raised her hand and began to bring her palm down in a series of quick patting motions, covering the entire area. She heard him gasp and knew it was a sound motivated by surprise rather than pain.

She continued to strike him gently, warming him up for more vigorous strokes. In between sets of slaps, Shannon rubbed his ass, changing the sensation. She could feel him relaxing under her touch and she could feel her own pleasure at controlling him begin to build. After switching to some strokes with her fingers to create more sting, she checked in with him.

“How are you doing, Julian?”

“Just fine, Miss, thank you,” he replied quietly.

She walked around to the front of the spanking bench and lifted his chin a bit so she could look into his eyes. He looked relaxed and alert.

“Ready for some more?” she asked in a whisper.

“Um…yes…yes, I am, Miss.”

She smiled and walked back around to the other end of the bench, caressed him softly, and then began to lay some harder strokes upon him. As she watched, she could see his skin turning pink as she slapped his ass repeatedly. This time, she waited longer before giving him respite in the form of soft touches, and when she did touch him, she heard him moaning softly.

“Still okay, Julian?” she asked.

“Mmhmm, Miss,” he replied, his voice sounding just a little distant.

“Good boy,” she said, resuming the spanking and adding in a few very strong strokes at the end of each set of blows. His skin was a very deep rosy color now, and she was just beginning to see the outline of her hand in a few places. She noted that her hand was stinging quite a bit and stopped to look around for other implements to use.

Walking to the front of the bench, she leaned down and petted his hair and talked softly into his ear, telling him how much she was enjoying him and how obedient he was. He moved his head to look up at her and nodded his head to indicate that he had heard her words. She let him know that she was stepping over to the nearby table and that she would return quickly. He nodded again.

After surveying the possibilities, Shannon selected a wooden ruler, a small paddle, and a leather belt from the table and returned to Julian. Without a word, she took the ruler in her hand and began covering his ass with steady raps from it. She could hear him moaning again.

“You’ve been naughty, haven’t you, Julian? Now I have to discipline you so that you’ll be a better boy next time.”

As she delivered a few more strikes with the ruler, he called out in a half-whisper, “Yes, Miss…I promise to be better next time.”

“Aye,” she said. “We’ll ensure that that will be the case.”

She picked up the two-sided paddle and whacked him hard with it. He groaned and she hit him several more times, alternating between the leather and wood sides. His ass was bright red and he was squirming a bit.

“Is there a problem, Julian?” she asked, using a tone that she knew would move his mind deeper into his submissive state.

He hesitated before answering, “N-no, Miss….”

“I don’t think you’re telling me the truth, Julian,” she said, letting a little impatience color her tone.

He spoke immediately, although his voice seemed to come from far away. “I’m so excited, Miss, by what you’ve done to me…I don’t want you to stop.”

“Yes, I know you don’t,” she said, smiling to herself, “and I’m not going to stop, Julian, so no need to worry.”

She picked up the leather belt and wrapped one end around her hand, leaving enough length to provide good hard strokes. She rubbed Julian’s bottom and bent to place a kiss on one cheek. She felt him trembling with anticipation. She stepped back and waited, letting ten seconds go by.

“You are to count off the strokes now, Julian,” she said sternly.

“Yes, Miss,” he whispered.

She pulled her arm back and let fly with the leather strap, striking him across both cheeks.

Moaning, Julian croaked out, “One.”

“Very good,” she murmured.

He continued to count as she administered lash after lash, until they had reached eight.

“Two more, Julian. Can you take it for me?”

She watched his head nod up and down vigorously.

“They will be hard strokes, you know,” she commented. He nodded again.

She cracked the strap against his ass and he cried out. She was wrapped in the deliciousness of his submission to her, and she could sense that he was teetering at the very edge.

“You didn’t count, Julian. Will I need to start over?”

“N-n-nine….nine.” He barely got the word out.

Giving no quarter, she let him have the last stroke of the belt and listened to the cry that reflected the fine line between pain and pleasure. Dropping the belt, she moved quickly to the front end of the bench.

She leaned over, kissing his forehead, murmuring in his ear. Her words let him know how well he had pleased her, that she was there with him, that all was well. She rubbed his back and maintained contact with him until he indicated that he was ready to get up. She stilled him for a moment while she carefully drew his briefs up and over his ass, and then helped him to stand. Seeing that he was steady on his feet, she walked over and grabbed a bottle of water from a nearby table and brought it back to him. He smiled softly and drank.

“Thank you so much for the pleasure of your service, Julian,” Shannon said, smiling. “It was worth every penny.”

“No, thank you, Miss. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had such a beautiful Lady control me.” He paused, reflecting. “I have to admit—I’ve missed it quite a lot.”

Shannon nodded, understanding his sentiment.

“I’m not an idle flatterer, so when I say I completely enjoyed our scene, I mean it sincerely. I’d like very much to have a chance to play with you again. How would you feel about that?”

“I would love that, Miss,” he said, without hesitation.

She found herself thinking about him often after the charity event and, yes, she fantasized about having him in her service again. From his texts and emails, she knew he was sharing those fantasies. She let her thoughts and ideas about him roll around in her mind and was rewarded with a strong vision of what their next scene could be. Now it was just a matter of being in the same place at the same time.

The winter holidays came and went, and January brought snow and ice that kept everyone hunkered down at home. Shannon kept in touch with Julian and their interactions fanned the flames all through the month. The first week in February provided a much-needed respite from the weather, and Shannon was nearly giddy as she walked into a private play event hosted by one of the members of her local group. Scanning the crowd, she found Julian almost immediately. He was standing with a rope enthusiast who seemed to be demonstrating a particular kind of knot, so he had not yet seen her. She wandered off to take a look at the equipment that had been set up in the play areas and was pleased to find an area that would be perfect for what she had planned.

Making her way back into the main room, she slowly navigated through the throng of socializing guests. She emerged from the crowd right in front of Julian, and he looked up and met her gaze immediately. She stepped forward, kissed his cheek, took him by the hand, and said, “Come.”

She led him into the maze of people and then off into the quieter room that led to the play areas.

“Are you ready to play tonight, Julian?” she asked him.

“I am,”            he replied, looking directly into her eyes, “and I can’t think of anything I’d like more, Miss Shannon. In fact…well, honestly, it’s been hard to think of anything else.”

“I’m so pleased to hear that; and thank you for the confession–I hope it was good for your soul,” she said, chuckling.

“I’m not sure about my soul, Miss, but it was good for other parts,” he replied, blushing.

Shannon took his hand and led him through a few rooms, finally arriving in the one she wanted to use. It contained an upholstered backless chair, some floor pillows, a cabinet, and an X-shaped restraint cross. Once they were inside, she closed the door, which would indicate to other attendees that their scene was private.

She crossed to the chair and sat down. Julian stood near the door, a look that reflected both nervousness and excitement on his face. Shannon adjusted the panels of the skirt she was wearing until she was satisfied and then turned to him.

“Bring a pillow and come kneel for me, Julian,” she directed.

A moment or two later, he was on his knees about three feet in front of her.

“I think you should come closer by at least half.”

He rose, picked up the pillow and closed the distance between them.

“Much better. Thank you.”

“Of course, Miss.”

Although they had talked in general about likes and preferences when they first met, Shannon wanted to be sure that he would be okay with the things she had planned—not just that night, but also going forward—because she did have it in mind to go forward with Julian. She asked him some questions, listened carefully to what he said and didn’t say, and asked for clarification when needed. She found him to be open and honest and to have well-defined boundaries. She was more than pleased that they seemed to be on the same page.

The important bit of business concluded, Shannon smiled down at Julian.

“I’d like very much to see you naked now.”

“Yes, Miss,” he responded. “May I stand to remove my clothes?”

“Of course, you may.”

He stood then, slowly undoing the buttons of his white shirt as she watched. He focused on his task, keeping his eyes on his shirtfront or cuffs.

“Would it be possible for you to do that while looking at me?” she asked.

“Yes, Miss, if you wish.”

“I do wish,” she replied.

He lifted his eyes to gaze at her, blushing. He finished undoing the last few buttons and pulled the bottom of the shirt loose from his trousers. Letting it slip from his shoulders, he removed it, folded it, and placed it on a pillow to the side of where he was standing. Next, he reached for the bottom of the tank t-shirt he was wearing and pulled it slowly over his head. His hand reached for his belt as he continued to look at Shannon.

“Stop for a moment,” she commanded.

He dropped his hands to his side. Shannon rose, walked to him, and ran her hand over his chest. She murmured approvingly and proceeded to unbuckle his belt, pulling back the pin from its hole. When the belt was hanging open, she returned to her chair.

“Continue,” she said, quietly.

Keeping his eyes on her, Julian unbuttoned the five buttons on the fly of his dark jeans. He slipped off the black loafers he was wearing and carefully removed his socks before letting the jeans drop to the floor. Stepping out of them, he folded and added them to the pile. He paused for a moment, wearing only a dark gray thong.

As he slid his thumbs into the sides of the waistband, she stopped him.

“Bring the pillow right here,” she said, pointing at a spot directly at her feet, “and kneel.”

He did as he was told and looked up at her beautiful face. She used the tip of her shoe to move one leg, and then the other, farther apart. As she caressed his face and stroked his hair, she could hear his breathing quicken. She leaned forward and kissed him, nibbling his lips and probing his mouth with her tongue. He returned her kiss with great eagerness.

She pulled back from him and slowly moved the panels of her skirt to the side. He watched as she did this, his eyes filled with anticipation. She saw that look change to desire when it became clear she was not wearing anything under the skirt. She looked into his eyes and he understood what he saw there; he nodded in ascent.

She placed a hand on either side of his face, drawing him closer and closer into the area between her thighs. She could feel the energy quivering through him and it lit her up inside. Moving one hand to the back of his head, she guided him until his face was all but touching the warm center of her desire.

The hand at the back of his head stroked his hair so gently and pressed him forward ever so slightly, like an act of permission. He inhaled the combined scent of her cologne and her own delicious perfume, and laid kisses upon her silky skin. He smiled to himself with pride when he felt her move her legs apart a bit more, and he began to run his tongue along the soft part of her lips. As he did so, he was granted further access, and slid his tongue deeper, tasting her and feeling the throbbing of her pulse. She continued to caress his head and murmured little words of encouragement and pleasure.

Letting his tongue travel upward, he explored her silken folds until he found the object of his desire. He made soft slow circles around the small area, feeling it grow and swell under his attentions. Breaking her silence, Shannon gasped and exhaled a shivering breath.

“Julian…your mouth….” she whispered.

He pressed his tongue harder against her, swirling and licking, trying to maintain his own control. His entire focus now was on pleasing her in every possible way. He was rewarded when she began to gently move her hips and moan softly. Julian felt everything else in the world slip away, until he was aware of only two things—the movements of his tongue and the sounds Shannon was making.

Suddenly, he felt her pulling away. His heart was racing and he thought for a moment he might pass out. She said nothing, but tugged at his arm, indicating that she wanted him to stand. With a monumental effort, he obeyed.

Shannon led him over to the restraint cross, positioned him against it facing her, and silently fastened the cuffs around his outstretched wrists and ankles. Julian’s mind was spinning and he had this sense that he was falling through space. In an effort to save himself, he focused on Shannon’s face.

She was looking directly into his eyes, and as she did, her hand closed around his mostly-erect cock. His entire body quivered and a moan escaped his lips before he could stop it. She stroked him with painful slowness, bringing him to a full erection in moments. As she picked up her pace, he thrust his hips forward and pulled against the restraints. Five or six more strokes left him gasping.

Then Shannon did something unbelievable. She stopped, removed her hand from his cock, and stepped back. She turned and walked to the chair and sat. Julian was lost; he closed his eyes. After what seemed like hours, he opened them to find her standing beside him again.

He had lost a good deal of his erection, but Shannon took him in hand again and stroked him to hardness. She varied the motion of her hand and the intensity with which she touched him, and his penis throbbed under her attentions. He did not know how much more he could take, but he was willing to find out.

Once again, Shannon stopped and took a seat, leaving him panting and sweating on the cross. He felt confused, angry, forlorn; he thought for a moment he might cry. She had not said a word to him since placing him in the restraints. Had he done something wrong? Should he ask? His mind was reeling, so he took several deep breaths and tried to steady himself.

Shannon approached him again, taking him in hand. This time she was almost brutal, working his cock at a furious rate. The world of consciousness shrunk to nothing more than the feel of her hand and his achingly needy cock. Then, from the distance, he heard her voice.

“Mine,” she whispered in his ear, “Mine…Mine…Mine. Say it.”

His eyes were closed but his mouth was moving—he knew it was. He was trying to say the word, but only the “mmm” made it out.

“Tell me what you want and I might be inclined to let you have it, Julian,” she whispered.

What he wanted? He wanted her to stop—and never stop. He wanted release—and he wanted to be in this moment forever.

He was trying so desperately to make himself say something that he was quivering. Yet nothing would come out.

Shannon tried once more. “Tell me, Julian.”

Nothing. Just…nothing.

She released his cock and he gasped so loudly it sounded like a sob. She undid the cuffs and helped him to sit, fetching a towel and water for him.

“Drink,” she said, softly, “and breathe.”

She watched him carefully as she cleaned the cross and stored the equipment. Walking back to the chair, she stood before him, drew him close, and held him. He leaned his head against her chest.

“I would like you to consider coming to me next Saturday night, Julian. If you choose to do that, I will ask you again and I will expect you to answer. Do you understand me?” she asked calmly.

Julian nodded.

“You don’t have to tell me if you’re coming or not. If you are, be at my door at 9 pm sharp.”

“Miss Shannon?” he said shakily.

“Yes, Julian?”

“Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day.”

He was correct. She had not realized that this was the case, but it changed nothing.


“I just wanted to be sure you knew in case you already had plans.”

“You will decide what my plans are, Julian,” she replied quietly. “Get dressed now and let’s find you some food.”


She opened the door to find Julian standing there, arms filled with pink and white roses. Behind her, the mantle clock struck the hour.

“Miss Shannon, good evening,” he said, smiling warmly.

“Julian, I’m so pleased to see you. Come in.”

He stepped in and said, “These are for you, Miss Shannon. If you have a vase, I’d be more than happy to arrange them for you.”

A smile lit her face.

“They’re just beautiful; thank you so much, Julian. Follow me and I’ll find a vase for you.”

She led him into the kitchen and while he cut and arranged the sea of roses, she poured champagne for them. In mere minutes, he had a cascading display of the fragrant blooms.

“You are a man of many talents, Julian,” she said, handing him a glass.

“You’re too kind, Miss,” he replied. “May I offer a toast?”

Shannon nodded.

“To a Lady whose beauty and elegance could make roses blush,” he said, lifting his glass.

“So sweet,” Shannon smiled, lifting her glass and drinking. “Let’s sit so we’re comfortable.”

The two moved into the sitting room and sat chatting about the week that had just ended. No mention was made of the previous Saturday night, but the veil of it hung just above them. Shannon knew it was there, but was determined that it would not cast a shadow upon them.

She placed her empty champagne flute on the coffee table and moved very close to Julian. She pushed a strand of his hair back into place and let her hand caress the side of his face. She loved the feel of the light stubble along his jaw line and how it served as a contrast to the softness of his upper cheek. She looked into his deep soulful eyes and found them filled with devotion.

Placing her cheek against his, filled with passion and desire, Shannon spoke.

“Do you remember what I told you last week, Julian?”

“I do, Miss,” he said quietly.

“Tell me.”

“You said that if I chose to come here tonight, you would ask me again and that you would expect me to answer.”

“That’s right, Julian. Did you think about that during the week?”

“I thought of little else, Miss,” he replied. She felt his cheek grow warm against hers.

“Confessing again, are you?” she teased.

“You seem to bring out the need in me, Miss….”

“Ah, that’s very good, Julian. Now go on and tell me what other needs I bring out in you,” Shannon instructed.

She could feel him swallow hard as he prepared to speak, and she slowly moved her cheek away from his so that she could see him.

“You…I…” he began. He lowered his head for a long moment and took a deep breath. In the next moment, he was on his knees before her.

“Miss Shannon, I want to serve you in any and every way that will please you and make you happy. I want to give you everything I have, everything I am…and if you won’t allow it, I might just explode. I…I cannot stop thinking of you…your voice, your touch, your eyes, your power over me. Please…please let me offer myself to you.”

He lowered his head onto her thigh and reached out tentatively and placed a hand on her ankle. Shannon was speechless for several moments; he was so earnest and his statement was so heart-felt that he had literally taken her breath away. This was so much more than she had hoped for.

She lifted his head from her lap and tilted his chin upward so that she could kiss him. It was a long, deep kiss that left Julian breathless now, as well. As he leaned back on his heels, Shannon stood and beckoned him to follow.

Leading him into the bedroom, she sat him on the end of the bed and leaned down to kiss him again. His tongue eagerly met hers but she knew that she was in control of him. She could feel herself glowing like a candle in the darkness. She continued to explore his sweet mouth as she undressed him. He moved for her with an ease that confirmed his deepest longings—that this was exactly where he belonged.

It wasn’t long before she had him naked, and she stepped back and began to remove her own clothing. He started to speak, but she quieted him, wanting him to feel his need building so that the anticipation was a delicious pain. By the time she was down to her bra and panties, he was stiff and moaning softly. Shannon smiled.

Moving to the bed, she indicated that he should move back further and, as he did, she climbed up and straddled him at the waist. She teased his nipples with her thumbs and gyrated against him—just out of range of his cock. Still, she could feel it poking her from behind and she loved that.

Her nails made trails down the front of his chest and onto his stomach. He whimpered and tried to lift his hips, but Shannon pressed down against him until he quieted.

“Will you be my good boy, Julian?”

“Yes, Miss,” he whispered, “I will be so good for you.”

“That’s right,” she confirmed as she slid off him and removed her bra and panties, finally revealing her soft curvaceous body to him. When she turned back to him, his hands were outstretched.

“What is it that you want, Julian?” she asked.

“To be allowed to touch you, Miss,” he said, simply and longingly.

She nodded and straddled him again, at chest level this time. She ran her hands through his hair and grabbed a handful.

“I want the touch of your tongue again, Julian,” she murmured.

He moaned softly and nodded.

“And I want you moaning like that while you’re touching me.”

She raised herself up and resettled so that her legs were on either side of his neck. She straightened her back, bringing his mouth in contact with her at last.

Julian’s tongue flicked in and out, catching the edges of her fringed lips like little bursts of electricity. As she gasped, he took the opportunity to plunge deeper, spreading her open with his thumbs and finding her aching clit with his lips. He sucked gently and viciously, drew eternal circles around it, and probed it from every angle. Shannon was in ecstasy.

Pulling Julian’s hair made him moan loudly and the vibrations of his vocalizations hummed against her, driving her mad with pleasure. She felt the tension in his muscles beneath her and knew the time was nigh.

Shannon pulled back and let her tongue trace its way down his body, stopping to attend to his hardened nipples. She continued straight down the center of his body, drawing a circle around his navel, and then proceeding ever so slowly along the trail of fine hairs that led directly to his cock. At the end of that trail, she raised her head and looked at Julian’s face. His mouth was open and his eyes were nearly closed, as if he had entered a trance state.

“My boy,” Shannon whispered, then slid her mouth all the way down his cock.

A small faraway voice called out, “Oh, god, yes, Mistress!”

Shannon let her mouth work up and down a few times, savoring his taste. His cock was hot and hard and throbbing, and she had to have it. Positioning herself above him, she lowered herself so that his cock was just touching her.

“Mine,” she said, in a voice strong and clear.

“Yours,” repeated Julian. “Yours.”

The power burst over her skin like a rainstorm and she took his cock inside her, riding him to the heights of pleasure. It was time for both of them to have the moment that had been months in the making.

Pulsing quickly on his cock, Shannon said, “Julian, look at me right now.”

His eyes opened, focusing slowly, and his gaze met hers.

“On the count of 3, you will come for me. You will give me everything.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he panted.

Taking him fully inside her, she rose and fell as she counted.

“1…2…3…now, Julian.”

His body jumped as if he had been struck by lightning and she felt the surging of his cock. A cry poured forth from him that seemed to last forever. It was that sound that cracked Shannon’s self-control, and she was surrounded by the crashing waves of her own orgasms. Her voice joined Julian’s in a cry of pleasure and release that surely must have been heard by the angels.

She collapsed against Julian’s now-still body and became aware that tears were running down her face. She roused herself and lifted her head to find Julian in the same state. She climbed off him and scurried to collect him in her arms, stroking his hair and murmuring endearments.

“Are you alright, Mine?” she asked quietly.

“I’m not sure, Mistress…it depends.”

“On what?”

“The answer to a question,” he replied.

“Ask,” she commanded.

“Will you allow me the honor of attempting to earn a permanent place in your life, Miss Shannon?”

She looked down upon him cradled in her arms and took a slow, deep breath.

“Mistress, not Miss Shannon,” she answered quietly. “And consider it earned.”

He wrapped his arms around her tightly and she rocked him gently. Within minutes, he was asleep.

As she watched him breathing and played with strands of his hair, Shannon was filled with gratitude and happiness.

Letting the night’s events wash over her, Shannon began to laugh quietly. She placed a soft kiss on Julian’s forehead, then looked up and whispered, “Best shot ever…thanks!”

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